When Britt Holten found out that she needs to talk about herself to have her profile written, I think it was first I saw her conscious. And it is so difficult to describe someone so diversified – so how should I begin?

Maybe with that it is a self-confident consultant with clear mission of helping people. At the same time, that’s a Trøndelag girl born with ski on her feet. Inspired leader who turns the tide on the store she manages and wins the prize for the best store in the biggest mall in Scandinavia. What does she do with the prize? She chooses to send an employee on the trip. That’s an engaged and dedicated consultant who chooses to stay in the office and work the urgent project for a client when the others celebrate results of the previous year. Should we mention that this is an energetic coach who intertwines the physical activity in every aspect of life and introduced it as a part of a therapy in the crises center she managed?

To put it more in number, Britt has 17 years of experience as clinic leader, general manager and franchise manager. In total she has carried out over 200 recruitment processes. On board at Dignus Medical since 2015, she works with psychiatrists, ophthalmologists and laryngologists.

Her every day is motivated by making sure that the right psychiatrist is always there to deliver help to those in need. And, well, to seize the day – Carpe Diem.