Jørgen Bråthen Christensen
Consultant for Family medicine doctors

Jørgen has won the best consultant prize in 2016 and is on good way to get hold of it again in 2017.

He started his adventure with Dignus in 2013 as a Researcher solely responsible for contact with doctors just to become a Consultant working with General Practitioners in 2015.

            We wondered where his untapped motivation comes from that leads to so good results. Asked this, he answers that he basically feels obliged to keep the promises he made – to doctors, to clients and to Dignus Medical – and  he does not give up until he reaches his goals.

           His prize is even more understandable when you get grasp of his standards – he does not only provide a good service – he tries to take this small step further and be always accessible for those who need him. He means that he tries to be friends with the doctors, show interest in what they have to say and simply be thankful for the job they are doing for all of us. ‘’It is crucial to match the position to what doctor needs so both sides are happy’’.

Jørgen works out every day and skiing is his biggest passion in free time.