Linn is an HR and recruitment specialist with over 20 years of experience. After her studies within HR in both Norway and Sweden, although always Swedish in heart, she decided to stay in Norway.

One of her most vivid professional experiences would be the cooperation with The Red Cross and with Save the Children. She was responsible for completing medical teams that would be sent to the areas in war or environmental crisis and in need of medical assistance. It was incredibly responsible role – it was not just to evaluate the personal profiles and decide who is the right person for the right place – it was the awareness where they are sent to. She has travelled herself to some of the places so she got better understanding of the reality she was sending doctors to. This is when she understood that when you give help, you take responsibility.

        During her career, she has worked for both charities and corporate entities but she would always see people not procedures and profits. Therefore, she is happiest at companies that prioritize people and thus she ended up at Dignus Medical.

Her biggest passion in free time is to travel – the best place she has been to so far would be Mexico – with its diversity and complexity. Her dream is to travel even more – Colombia, Vietnam and Argentina are next on her list.