Tor-Egil Christensen

Chairman/ founder

Economist, with extensive management and entrepreneurial experience and has served as CEO in Unitec group, Bugatti AS, Dignus AS and others. He has held a number of board positions both as board member and chairman for 28 years. Chairman of Dignus 1998-2008, and in Dignus Medical from establishment in 2005 to present. He has worked as a consultant in change processes, climate analysis and turnarounds of companies. Tor-Egil has worked with headhunting of managers and specialists since 1997 and physician recruitment through Dignus Medical since 2005 in Norway and Sweden. Tor Egil is co-founder and has been an active key player in the development of different concepts since its establishment.

Harry Solomon Klein

Board member / Partner / Co-founder

Economist and started his career in sales at various levels. Worked in finance as assistant manager, marketing manager and served as CEO of companies within GE Capital Group. He has 5 years’ experience in recruiting specialist and management positions, and is co-founder of Dignus Medicals concept. He has been a key player in developing the concept as a director in Norway and Sweden since 2005.