Love in the time of Corona

Barely three weeks ago, we were contacted by one of Sweden’s biggest University hospitals, who asked for help with interviewing all applicants who had shown interest in helping during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, my colleagues and I have witnessed something that only can be described as magnificent.

During this period, we have had the privilege of talking to fantastic people with backgrounds as nurses, doctors and medical engineers, who would like to help during the current crisis and who have agreed to work with Covid-19 patients. They are school-nurses, teachers, psychologists, headmasters, care providers or midwifes. They are sales representatives or students and they drop everything in order to help. Without blinking. Nobody has asked about the salary.

We have experienced a dedication that surpasses everything, which shows such a flexibility and efficiency among the hospitals in general that makes us feel honoured.

To all of you, we would like to express our warmest thanks for your confidence. You all make us proud and your commitment obliges all of us. We will continue to do our best and we are convinced that we together will get through this situation with humility, knowledge, and experience.

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