No week is similar in Dignus Medical, there is always something new going on.

Occasionally we will post Life of Dignus Medical, here you will get an insight into how our week has been.

Initially, we will also introduce our skilled staff.

Next one up is our Norwegian Consultant Henning Ravler-Hansen

Henning Ravler-Hansen, Consultant in Norway

What advice do you have for prospective Dignus Medical candidates?
If you like to have a flexible work situation, experience new places and people, earn good money, and at the same time grow your professional experience.

Be open minded and try work as a locum doctor for a period. 😊

Describe a day at work for you?

I usually start the day with a plan or my to do list and prioritize what needs to be done now. Most of the days is following up candidates and customers, that we work with. And of course, finding new customers and candidates is on a daily plan as well. In addition, we prepare offers, contracts, invoices, interviews, reference check, quality control and presentations of candidates, and so on, (the list is long).

Why is it so rewarding to work in Dignus Medical?

Helping customers in solving their problems and having candidates who are happy working for us is a rewarding feeling.

What do you do when you are not working at Dignus Medical?
I enjoy spending time and travels with friends and family.

And I spend a lot of time on the golf courses,  as soon as the snow has disappeared, and in between I have some workouts in the gym. 😊


Our always happy and service minded advisor Henning  was on a road trip to some of his customers in Hedmark last week. It is a long way from Oslo on narrow roads and many miles driving through the forrest, before we reached the destination. He started his trip from Oslo 07:00 in the morning and arrived back at 22:00 in the evening. And that includes all stops to charge the electric car.

It was a positive visit, and the customers are very satisfied with the locum doctors from Dignus Medical and they want to prolong their services for several months ahead. That is what we like to hear.
We are always happy to visit our customers, and we will soon be back on the road again.

Our Norwegian consultant Jørgen has become the head of the consultants who work with general practitioners.

He says: “I look forward to participating in the development of the already good team we have within the general practice field, now in a different role than the one I had before. I will continue to work as an advisor, but will also be responsible for the rest of the team who work with the general practitioners at Dignus Medical.

We are also looking for a new consultant in Norway now, if you have the experience, know the language and are motivated, click HERE

In Sweden a new recruitment consultant started last week. You can read more about Hans in THIS article.


The last weeks have been hectic in research. We are now looking for more researchers and a back office worker to expand our team. We would recommend to apply!

Weekly office joke

The manager of a larger company complained in a company meeting that the employees did not respect him. After the meeting, he went to a store and bought a sign saying, “I’m the boss” and put it on his office door.

Later in the day when he returned to the office after lunch, someone had pasted a note on his sign, “Your wife called. She wanted her sign back.