No week is similar in Dignus Medical, there is always something new going on.

Occasionally we will post Life of Dignus Medical, here you will get an insight into how our week has been.

Initially, we will also introduce our skilled staff.

Next one up is our Norwegian Consultant Mojgan Rahman

Mojgan Rahman, Consultant in Norway

What advice do you have for prospective Dignus Medical candidates?

With us you are free to work as much as you want as a locum doctor for a period of time. You can work in the periods you want that are suitable for you and your life situation. Our current temps find it exciting to see new places, get professional refills, and not least the possibility of flexibility. We have several advantages such as working whenever you want, own consultant as well as assignments that can provide solid competence and experience throughout our beautiful, elongated countries within hospitals and private clinics.

Update your CV and feel free to give feedback on when you are available and how long you have free.

Describe a day at work for you?

I usually start the day planning the day and prioritizing important tasks first. Then there are very varied tasks, everything from follow-up of candidates and customers. Seek out new customers, make offers and contracts. Contact with new candidates, interviews, reference check, quality assurance and presentations of current candidates. Very varied working days with new challenges and very exciting.

Why is it so rewarding to work in Dignus Medical?

Having good dialogues with customers and candidates and building good and trusting relationships. Helping customers deliver competent candidates and having satisfied candidates is a very rewarding feeling. The different people you meet and being able to deliver quality to the customer. To work with dedicated professionals is fascinating and it is incredibly satisfying to be able to deliver good candidates to customers. Nothing makes me happier than that.

What do you do when you are not working at Dignus Medical?

I spend a lot of time on the golf course and find it very fun to play golf.

I like to be out in nature and run on the beach.


Our consultants have worked hard the latest weeks. Harry went to Nordland and Troms before Easter to meet some of our clients, and Britt went to Rogaland after Easter. In Sweden the team have worked with their projects.

At Dignus Medical we make sure that we develop our competence and knowledge all the time. Research and consultants exchange information and experience during weekly updates. Here you can see status meeting between Josefine and Per where he briefs her about his most recent project. We are a team working for the same goal and delivering meeting highest standards.


We are growing fast and without pauses. Next week, we have pleasure to welcome three new colleagues on our research team, so there will be even more of us reaching out to you and making sure you receive updates about new opportunities. You want to learn more about the new Dignus people? Follow the next issue of Life of Dignus!

Weekly office joke

One employee told his boss, “Sir, Increase my salary, I got married recently.” The boss replied, “The Company cannot compensate for the accidents happened outside of the company.”