No week is similar in Dignus Medical, there is always something new going on.

Occasionally we will post Life of Dignus Medical, here you will get an insight into how our week has been.

Initially, we will also introduce our skilled staff.

Next one up is our Norwegian Researcher Steffen Eriksen Haneboe

Steffen Eriksen Haneboe, Back office/Researcher

What advice do you have for prospective Dignus Medical candidates?

Have the hunger and motivation to work in Scandinavia. I would also recommend to send us an e-mail with your CV and tell a little bit about yourself.

Describe a day at work for you?

A day at work for me can be quite varied. I work with our candidates, and with our website and social media accounts, take reference checks and find us new candidates. The job is varied, which make every day different.

Why is it so rewarding to work in Dignus Medical?

I think the team that I work with makes the workday great, the cooperation is good. I also like to have a deskjob in an office, it suits me as a person very well. And in our company every workday is different. It is also rewarding when the job I do, get good results.

What do you do when you are not working at Dignus Medical?

When the students are in town, under their semesters I work volunteerly as a quizhost at the studenthouse every four weeks. I am also active in politics in Alta, and brewing beer with some friends of mine. I often go to concerts, and do a little bit of gaming as well.


Last week our CEO Tor-Egil went to the conference DN Helsetech where the future of medical field was discused, read more HERE.

We have also breaked the news that we will work with Scandinavian nurses now, if you want to learn more, read more HERE,

The team in Sweden have the latest weeks been working hard as allways. Many job opportunities have been mailed out to our candidates in various specialities, if you want to get this information as well, register yourself at our system. Our CEO have of course been over to Sweden as well to check out the good job they’re doing.

Sweden had their national day recently, so congratulations to all Swedes from us at Dignus Medical!

On the picture below, we can see Tobias on his way to the mission north of Stockholm to celebrate the end of the semester with one of our most loyal and appreciated doctors.


The new people in our team have started to settle, and are doing a great job. We look forward to their development further on.

The dayteam have also been working hard with their tasks, and are actively looking for good candidates.  While in Sweden, we are now looking for a new researcher for the team there, read more HERE

We have also started with a videoproject you will see soon. The pictures below is from first day of filming.

Weekly office joke

Here’s some advice: At a job interview, tell them you’re willing to give 110 percent. Unless you’re applying to be a statistician.