No week is similar in Dignus Medical, there is always something new going on.

Occasionally we will post Life of Dignus Medical, here you will get an insight into how our last weeks have been.

Initially, we will also introduce our skilled staff.

Next one up is our Norwegian Researcher Natasha Kanwal

Natasha Kanwal, Back office/Researcher

Describe a day at work for you?

Hectic, but at the same time very fun. I learn something new every day, and that is what makes it so fun at work. Our team enjoys our work, and at the same time we are very dedicated to our job.

Why is it so rewarding to work in Dignus Medical?

The best with my job is my colleagues. We always have a nice day at work, and everybody is very helpful and good at their job. Without them, it would not be the same to come to work.

What do you do when you are not working at Dignus Medical?

When I am not working, I use my time on working out, family and friends.


Since the last time, much have happened over the summer.

The norwegian consultants have been working hard all summer, and have placed many doctors all around Norway. If you are available, please contact us.

Britt got a doctor and his family on a visit to Norway.

Harry has been traveling to beautiful Lofoten in Nordland, where he saw the midnight sun, and the mighty nature of this place.

We got sent this nice picture from one of our doctors kayaking.

And the whole team have been gathered in Tanumstrand last week, where Sigurd Granmark had an inspiring presentation.

The swedish team have been rolling on as well.

Since the last time they have visited Almedalen, and are right now at Östersund to talk with gynecologists and obsterics.

They have also got a new researcher in their office named Alan, who have found his place in the office very fast.

They were also with us at Tanumstrand.

We are also looking for a new recruitment consultant in our Swedish office in Malmö, press HERE if you have the profile we are looking for.


In the research team, Steffen from Alta traveled down to Oslo to participate in the gathering in Tanumstrand. On Wednesday they had a nice lunch outside in the sun.

They also enjoyed the gathering in Tanumstrand when everyone took a rib boattrip in Sweden.

Our Head of Research also got encouraging words from our CEO Tor-Egil after the team had our presentation at Tanumstrand.

And as mentioned earlier, we got a new colleague in Sweden who’s name is Alan. And we have also got a new team leader for our Telemarketing team. A presentation of her will come soon.

Weekly doctor joke

Q: Why did the doctor tell the nurse to walk past the pill cupboard quietly?
A: So she wouldn’t wake the sleeping pills.