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The hospitals in Scandinavia are experiencing a great need for specialists within pathology, and are constantly looking for new colleagues who will contribute their knowledge, share their experience, and further develop in their field.

As a pathologist in Norway or Sweden, you will be responsible for performing macro-cuts, participating in daily diagnostics of histological and possibly cytological tests and autopsies, as well as working with interdisciplinary professional groups, training of young doctors in specialization, pathology assistants and participating in internal training. It’s an advantage if you have experience with digital pathology.

To work in Scandinavia you need to have your medical license and specialist approval from an EU country. It’s also important that you have a genuine interest to work and live here. Emigration is a big step – but also a rewarding one! We will of course guide and support you throughout the whole process, from the first interview, through our free language course and relocation to finally establishing yourself in a new country and workplace.

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