Fyresdal Municipality have been in cooperation with Dignus Medical since May this year. This has been a positive experience for us. Dignus has delivered as they promised with, good information and collaboration in advance of the contract and they have presented particularly good candidates.

We have had very unpredictable situation regarding staffing. Dignus Medical has been extremely flexible and has found good solutions for us, even with our short deadlines.

We are very happy with the cooperation, offer, solutions and candidates. We are going to continue to benefit from this partnership when we are in need of their help, To ensure that we can solve the tasks we have in a proper way.

As a conclusion our experience with Dignus Medical is a serious supplier of services in staffing and that offers us access to relevant expertise in relation to the needs we have had.

Berit Ramsvatn-Kemp / Fyrdal Kommune

Dignus Medical has presented good candidates and behaved neatly and professionally towards entering into a contract.

Tidl. seksjonsleder / Radiologisk seksjon


I’ve been working for Dignus Medical for over half a year now, and the cooperation works fantastic! The advisors are professional, helpful and service minded, and offer very good conditions regarding flexibility and payment. They always have an available temporary position wherever in the country I wish, and they are good at following up. I always get a quick answer to my emails and phones. Highly recommended!

Peder / General Practitioner

Dignus Medical is very professional in the provision of medical services. You get a very good follow up before, during and after a temporary assignment and they adapt the various assignments compared to the Physician’s needs and experience. I am extremely pleased to work for them.

Monica M. Braaten / General Practitioner

I want to say thanks to team of Dignus Medical for excellent cooperation and the best working experience. Dignus has a reliable and professional attitude toward their candidates. That was fantastic to working with Tor-Egil Christensen and Ingrid Sundberg.

Dr. Marian / Mammo radiologist

I have received authorization in Norway in 2016. I have been working with Dignus as a locum doctor since March 2017 .

Joen Maurice Mjaaseth is my point of contact and he is always available to give the advice and information. Even though, I tried different recruitment companies, Dignus Medical is without a doubt the best one.

Shahelia / General practitioner

I really appreciate Dingus medical staff for their work.

I have contacted with Dingus for psychiatrist position in Norway and I feel like I am working with family.
I have never felt that I was attached to a recruiting company before, even though I worked with recruiting companies in India, Australia, UAE, Europe, but they are so friendly, supportive, polite and co-operative in all regards.
This is first time I feel do comfortable, wherever I experience difficulties, they immediately send me an e-mail and try to solve them. They always motivate me, they remain in touch and I know Dingus medical staff by name. I think I can find all quality of recruiting agency there in Dingus medical, I feel it’s an ideal example of medical recruitment.
I am glad that I signed the contract with Dingus medical.
I am thankful to all Dingus staff for supporting me all the time.

Tusharkumar / Psychiatry

I am writing this letter to recommend the services of Dignus Medical.

In 2014 I contacted Dignus Medical to assist me in my search for a job as radiologist in Norway. They provided me with detailed information on their services as well as on the administrative procedures that I have to complete in order to be eligible to work as radiologist in Norway.

As soon as we concluded formal contract they appointed a contact person that was dealing with my case and responding to the questions and requests for clarifications I was sending via e-mail.

We had regular e-mail and Skype correspondence and they provided timely, precise and comprehensive information on the procedures and the documents that I need to submit.

As agreed after I took course in Norwegian and completed A1 level in my country of residence, Dignus Medical provided me Norwegian course via Skype after which I successfully took exam for B2 level in Norwegian.

Dignus Medical have shared my CV with hospitals that are hiring radiologist and scheduled me interviews. Dignus Medical covered the expenses for my trips and accommodation in Norway during the interviews After some interviews I got a job as radiologist in Volda, Norway.

I am completely satisfied with the approach and quality of service of Dignus Medical.

Gjoko Markoski